mandag den 26. august 2013

J'Dior You, J'Can't Get Enough of You

vintage Dior shirt (oh god, kill me), Topshop skater skirt

Wore my vintage Dior today, fuck I'm so posh. Realising it's probably a man's shirt, 'cause the buttons are on the right. But no matter, it's like they say, they're not men's or women's clothes, they're my clothes.
I don't wear any other make up than lipstick these days. This one is Inhibition from Topshop and it's my favourite right now. I also borrow my mum's Razzberry from Bobbi Brown and I get my other ones in supermarkets and drug stores because BARGAINS. Choker chain type thing is bought second hand. Feast your eyes on an E! True Hollywood Story teenage bedroom. I live in filth and I like it.

This week, have a listen to Don't Lie To Me by Big Star.

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