søndag den 25. august 2013

Why I work for free...

 4 records (Culture Club, Dodo and the Dodos, 2x Dire Straits), plain white shirt, vintage Dior shirt (yes, I know, the second hand life is g), nude slip skirt.
... and why it rules me super hard.
Basically, I take the IB, which means I have to work for free because CAS because school. Other international kids will know exactly what a pain in the balls it is. BUT one of my working for free things is working at a place called Kirkens Korshær in Copenhagen, which is like a Red Cross shop. I work for four hours on whichever Saturdays I have time with some pretty nice people and I get half off on all stuff (and stuff is already pretty cheap). However, the biggest perk is getting to look at things before they go into the store and other people can buy them. Yesterday, someone brought in this zippo in a box full of other stuff and my co-worked and I went "O:" and she let me have it. FOR FREE, because "we do that sometimes here."Also, the Dior shirt came in a trash bag that I looked through. Also, I paid 7.5 DKK for the records, because there were 3 for 10 and 1 for 5. I bought 4, which would be 15 DKK, but I get half off because I work ergo life is great.
So my biggest advice to anyone who wants to save money on clothes is to get a similar job. People clean out their wardrobes and toes all the time, and if you're there right when the action happens, you'll get a super sah-weet deal.

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