onsdag den 28. august 2013

You're Gonna Miss Me, Baby

 Notorious mirror shots
DIY croptop, COS trousers, studded lowtop DMs
DMs on public transport 
Notorious photo booth shots
Lipstick from Wet N Wild in Dark Wine (wouldn't that just be red wine? is white wine now called light wine and rosé medium wine? what is the point of that "dark"?)

I borrowed my mum's light gray, baggy trousers today, because I saw her wear them yesterday and I was all "damn girl, I got to get on that." We wear the same size, but we're in different ends of the spectrum of the trusty size 36, as in these are not as baggy on her. While it sounds kind of awful that I'm the same size as my mum, let's remember that she is an Asian woman with tiny bones, whereas I have inherited my dad's Scandi physique, ergo I have huge bones (harhar). There is always a reason. Also, it's pretty sweet 'cause I can rape her wardrobe as well has my own.
Have a lovely day, kittens.

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