tirsdag den 3. september 2013

Can We Talk About This?: Courtney Love for Versace

I have a total soft spot for Hole. Courtney not so much, but I like that she's pretty unapologetic about who she is. I just love these pictures from when she was the face of Versace. I think they display a very different fragile aspect of her and she looks really beautiful. The whole 90s just look so accepting of the whole kinderwhore Courtney aspect. The pictures are from 1997, a year before Hole's Celebrity Skin (the best album, amirite?? ugh I dunno, Live Through This was so good as well) came out. Good old Love is depicted as everything but crass and mouthy. She looks gorgeous and soft. I especially love the second picture. Not only do the clothes look super stellar, but Court looks like a deer in the face, her hair is perfect and her shoulders are literally like soft triangles. Well done, Versace.

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