tirsdag den 3. september 2013

Can't Live For Tomorrow

 Vintage leather jacket, Urban Outfitters top, Topshop skirt
 Ready for schooooool
 DMs forever <3
Bowie, Ronson and sketchbook

Yeah, these are pictures from yesterday, which was a pretty swell day. I had two free blocks so I had loads of time in the morning. I had coffee and cigs with myself and made tea and brought it with me to school. Also cropped the top from UO (that I bought on sale a million years) 'cause I wasn't feeling the shape. I've been wearing that tiny choker chain thing nearly every day, I really dig it. Best 5 DKK buy ever. Wore my studded DMs again because I'm in total love with them, I think they sharpen things up. Am also seriously considering buying these vintage 70's style heeled boots that look totally killer, but I don't know if I'd really wear them. Also, I have so many pairs of black shoes. The last picture is my open Mick Rock book/mag/thing on one of my favourite pages. It's his picture of Bowie and Ronson both wearing totally magnificent jackets with giant lapels and then my sketchbook lying on top of it. They're on the window sill next to my bed because I like to look at stylish men after I sketch and before I sleep.

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