lørdag den 7. september 2013


Arrrrh yeah my uncle came from da 'Jing with my shirts and polaroid film (which I thought too insignificant-looking to photograph)! The BTTF one did sadly not arrive before he left China, but maybe next time. BUT I got all of these lovelies and I am ecstatic to have fresh band tee meat in my wardrobe. I will probably end up cutting all of them into crop tops next summer, but I'll keep a few of them intact. Gotta think of the winter. I think all of these cost me around 300 DKK (for 5 stellar shirts, well done, true bargain)
The shirts also came with a giant amount of other crap which I have illustrated in the second picture. I got a tiny notebook with a camera on it, a card with a drunk, purple horse-like thing, a tiny New Order bag, a yellow bracelet that is also a pen (the little metal-y bit opens and the bracelet now a pen... I know, god bless China) and a New Order tag. ALL FOR FREE I am elated.

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