søndag den 1. september 2013

Sunday Details

 Things I dig these days: Meat Is Murder record by The Smiths, Glam! An Eyewitness Account by Mick Rock, supermarket soap bubbles, Topshop Inihibition lipstick, vintage ring, Polaroid camera
 Vintage lighter
Earrings and neck wrinkles

It's a ridiculously gray and rainy Sunday today, but it's also really nice. I've spent the day drinking tea, eating home made pie and having Will & Grace marathons.
That Smiths record is a brilliant thing to listen to while leafing through Mick Rock's magazine/book type thing full of glossy pictures from the glam rock days. There are serious gems of Bowie, Tim Curry as Frank-N-Furter, Syd Barrett and loads of other dudes. I've also spent around 20 minutes sitting in my window sill and blowing cheap supermarket bubbles while playing Visiting Statue by Grimes on repeat very loud from my speakers... I feel like I am brightening people's day. Or maybe I'm being obnoxious as hell.
I am also super stoked because my uncle is coming to visit from Beijing in around a week and I've ordered sooo many stellar shirts from Chinese ebay/amazon (taobao.com). I don't know if they're all in stock, but I'm hopefully getting one with Back To The Future, Iggy Pop, New Order, Joy Division, The Cure and The Smiths. AND finally new film for my Polaroid camera. I am way too cheap to buy it in Urban Outfitters... hence this blog.
Also, another lighter from my beloved second hand church shop that I paid 5 DKK for. It's a vintage Ronson and sadly does not work. I'd have to pay around 500 DKK to get it fixed and I'm just not up for that at the current junction of my career. Maybe some other time. But it's damn gorgeous.

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